The production lines for processing and filling the water are produced and implemented by KRONES AG Germany. The production capacity is 22,500 pet bottles per hour and 7,000 glass bottles per hour. The total capacity is 100 million liters per year.

Both lines are housed in a newly constructed building, plant that is supported by the most modern technologies for production i.e. filling of water, and is made by the highest world standards in the industry. The property is located 4 km from the village of Gari, in the western part of Macedonia.

The plant is built on an area of 6,000 m2 marked in the urban development plan, where 3 new plant facilities are envisaged to be built as a complex of 18,000 m2. The total area planned for building reaches 23,000 m2 and represents one of the most modern and sophisticated group of plants in Europe.

The area under concession consists of 0.48 km2, covering an exploitation area of 11,000 m2, where three wells have been dug, with a total water capacity of 48 l/s for water extraction from a depth of more than 80 meters, 1,200 meters above the sea level.

The factory ML-GARI is located five kilometers from the village of Gari, right next to the regional road Boshkov Most - Izvor. The water MAYA is filled from nearby springs.

The production facility occupies an area of 2,200 square meters and has a storage section, an administrative building, as well as additional rooms, a laboratory, a canteen, etc. The Ministry of Culture has prepared a feasibility study for revitalization of Gari.

The study includes restoration of existing houses with traditional materials, architecture and techniques of the old master builders. It is envisaged to be invested in new content that will support rural tourism, such as accommodation and catering facilities, info-zones, exhibition space, revitalization of the village center and the church “St. Mary" and organization of summer school for architectural conservation of traditional houses.



KRONES AG was founded in 1951, with headquarters in Neutraubling, Germany. Since its establishment, KRONES AG has become far more than a traditional-style machinery and line manufacturer: KRONES AG has evolved into an all-round vendor for its clients. KRONES AG creates harmonization and optimum synergies as well as integration of mechanical engineering, line expertise, process engineering, microbiology and information technology. Nowadays, KRONES AG is an example for holistic systems engineering.

KRONES AG’s success is based on a few crucial strategies: specialized knowledge of mechanical engineering and the customer sectors involved, a technical lead over its competitors driven by continuously high investment in research and development, production facilities featuring state-of-the-art equipment operating under the most stringent quality standards, backed up by worldwide 24/7 service support for any client from around the world, mostly by the skills of its highly motivated staff.

More than 3,730 full and utility patents bear witness to the KRONES AG’s innovative potential. Worldwide, KRONES AG employs 12,756 people. Approximately 90% of its products are sold internationally. Consolidated sales in 2014 totaled 2,953 billion euros. The group includes not only KRONES AG, but also more than 80 sales and service companies.